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Getting Help on Business4WV

Getting Help on Business4WV

Do you need to talk to a filing agency about a question? Are you having problems with site functions?  Find the specific help you need.

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State Agency Contacts for Help With Business Questions

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E-mail business registration questions to our Business Help Desk.
Contact numbers for agencies participating in Business4WV are listed below, along with the type of information they can provide.  Click the agency name to reach their website.

  • Secretary of State
    (304) 558-8000 or (866) SOS-VOTE  Ext. 220 or 259
    Help with business charter or certificate of authority questions, filing a trade name, amendment or LLC annual report, and other services for chartered businesses.
  • State Tax Department
    (304) 558-3333
    Help with business registration certificate (business license), tax questions, and employee tax withholding questions.
  • Unemployment Compensation
    (304) 558-2677
    Help with questions about employees, liability for unemployment, temporary employment.
  • Other Agencies
    You can locate contact information for any agency in West Virginia state government, plus counties and cities using our searchable contacts.

Easy Solutions to Site Function Problems

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Business4WV has programming features that are affected by the settings in your web browser.  To make this site work properly, you may need to add this site as a trusted site or modify your browser settings.

  • Add Business4WV as a trusted site
    If you take this step, you will not affect security settings you have established for your Internet use, and the programming needed to run this site may work without further changes.

    Step 1: In your Internet Explorer browser menu, select Tools | Internet Options.

    Select Internet Options

    Step 2: Click the 'Security' tab, click 'Trusted Sites', then click 'Sites'.

    Select Trusted Site

    Step 3: Type in the url and click 'Add'.

    Enter web address

    Step 4: Click 'OK' to approve Business4WV as a trusted site.

    Approve site

  • Change security settings to allow site functions
    Changing your settings will affect functionality on all web pages you visit.  Business4WV uses a 'cookie' to 'remember' your logon during the time you are completing an interview.  A 'cookie' is a small piece of computer code stored temporarily on your computer.  Also, Business4WV tries to help you avoid confusion by keeping your Business4WV window open even when you click a link that pops open a new window and takes you to another site.  'Medium' security is the highest level that will allow these functions.

    Step 1: In your Internet Explorer browser menu, select Tools | Internet Options.

    Select Internet Options

    Step 2: Click the 'Security' tab, click 'Internet', then click 'Default Level' and set the slider to 'Medium' and click 'Apply'.

    Set Security to Medium

    Step 3: Next, click the 'Privacy' tab, set the slider to 'Medium', uncheck 'Block pop-ups', and click 'Apply'.

    Set Privacy to Medium

    Step 4: Finally, click the 'Advanced' tab, look under the 'Browser' section for 'Show friendly urls' and make sure this box is NOT CHECKED.

    Check Advanced Settings

    After you make these security changes, please close your browser and open a new one to test whether these changes have solved the problem.  If you are still unable to operate the site properly, see above for technical contacts.

Special Issues for AOL and Satellite Users

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Some users have experienced problems when using AOL and satellite Internet service providers. 

  • AOL Users
    If the site does not work properly inside AOL, try these steps when you use Business4WV.

    Step 1: Establish your Internet connection as you usually do through AOL. You may wish to minimize AOL so it is out of your way on the screen.

    Step 2: If you have a browser icon in your toolbar or on your desktop, click to open a new browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox, for example.  Open Business4WV in this browser and continue. Start new browser

    Step 3: If you can't find a browser icon and you are running Microsoft Windows on your computer, click 'Start', then click 'Run'.

    Start new browser

    Step 4: Type in iexplore.exe and click OK. This will open an Internet Explorer browser where you can continue to use Business4WV.

    Run Internet Explorer
  • Satellite Users
    Some users have found they cannot continue an interview using a satellite ISP.  Apparently, the security 'session' that is established when you log on is lost when you move from screen to screen.  If this happens in your case, please write our Technical Help Desk and describe what happened to you.  If you have no other ISP to use, you may not be able to complete an online registration at this time.

Contacts for Technical Assistance

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  • Report technical problems with the site or your account to our Technical Help Desk.
  • Call the Help Desk at (304) 414-0265 during business hours Monday-Friday for assistance.
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