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Apply for Licenses and Permits

If your profession or the specific work you do is regulated to protect our citizens, additional licenses, permits or special registrations may be required before you begin business operations.  The resources available from this page should help you locate the additional state requirements for your business work.  Because state agencies are not required to report licensing requirements to the Business for West Virginia project, this site cannot guarantee that every requirement is listed here.

Select one search method to locate specific requirements for licenses, permits and special registrations.
Professional and Occupational Licenses -- By Category

If your profession or occupation usually requires licensing before you offer your services, you may search by category to locate individual licenses and links to the agencies or licensing boards that regulate that work.

Regulatory Licenses & Permits -- By Category

When the work activity is regulated, specific permits, licenses or registrations may be required before operations begin.  Learn how to comply with state requirements in a variety of areas by searching these categories.

All Licenses and Permits -- By Keyword.

This keyword search will locate any license or permit if the keyword is found either in the license name or the description of the license.  If your search does not include the results you expect, try using a part of the keyword.  For example, "med" will return licenses with medical, medicine, and medicinal in the name or description.

Search Professional and Occupational Licenses


Licenses, Permits or Registrations Related Agency
  Licensed Auctioneer Auctioneers Board of Review
Required For: To work as an auctioneer.
License Type: Professional/Occupational
Renewal Term: One Year
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