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Business Filings

Business Filings

State filings are required as the legal basis for business operations in West Virginia.  Whether your company is starting new, adding a West Virginia operation, expanding to new locations or closing your business, filings will probably be required. Use this information to identify the filing requirements and learn how to meet them.

Start a New Business
Learn how to register your new business online.  Get help with decisions you will make as you prepare to set up a new business.

Update Your Business Registration
It is important to keep addresses, officers and other information about your business up-to-date.  Learn how to update information with business registration agencies.

Apply for Licenses and Permits
Will you need a license or permit for the work you do?  Search for professional and occupational licenses, regulatory permits and other special registrations related to specific types of businesses and business activities.

File Business Reports
Stay current on your report filing responsibilities.  Find business, tax and employer report due dates and links to information.  Most reports related to special licensing are not included here.

Maintain Employer Accounts
A sound business must keep income tax withholding, unemployment compensation and workers' compensation coverage current to remain in good standing.  Learn more on this site.

Close a Business
Taking proper steps to close a business will keep the slate clean for future business endeavors.

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