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Business4WV Disclaimer/Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Business for West Virginia (Business4WV) is a joint project of West Virginia state agencies that serve business needs through registration, licensing and permitting. This site is maintained by the Information Services and Communications Division of the Department of Administration to enhance access to business information and services of the State of West Virginia and facilitate joint agency cooperation in providing business services.


Access to other state, local and federal websites is provided as a convenience to customers.  Access to privately sponsored sites is provided to maximize the resources available to users and shall not be interpreted as an endorsement of sponsors or products. Business for West Virginia is not responsible for the content, viewpoint, policies, products or services of linked sites.

Although we strive to keep all links current, other sites may modify web addresses or remove web pages without notice and links may become unusable. Please notify us of any broken links at Business4WV System Administrator.


Basic Business Registration: The Business4WV business registration service is designed to simplify registration through systematic collection of all information and fees required to complete the basic requirements of establishing a business in West Virginia.  No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made by the State of West Virginia to the effect that submission of this online registration absolves the registrant of any other responsibilities required for the lawful conduct of a specific business.

Each participating agency reserves the right to review and evaluate all information collected as required or needed to fulfill that specific agency's statutory responsibilities in the administration of any registration with the State of West Virginia provided through the Business for West Virginia project.  Each agency may request corrections and additional information and may deny an application that fails to meet the requirements of law.  Agencies may be obligated to refuse registration services to persons or businesses that have previously failed to comply with state requirements.

Other Registration, Licenses & Permits:  Although this site attempts to provide additional information relating to responsibilities for doing business that is as complete as possible, it is the responsibility of the registrant to assure that all federal, state and local licensing, registration and permit requirements are met for the specific business operation.

Resources: No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made by the State of West Virginia regarding the accuracy or completeness of resource information included on this site. Users are encouraged to report any errors or omissions to Business4WV System Administrator.

Terms of Use

Security components, including user name and password encryption, are designed to assure the privacy and confidentiality of user information and data submitted. Account holders are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user names and passwords.

Participating agencies are committed to quick, courteous and efficient service of Business4WV customers. In order to complete processing in the minimum possible time, users are expected to provide complete and accurate information. Submitting incomplete or incorrect information may result in delays or problems with registration.

Account holders who prepare a registration for filing but do not submit the registration will be notified after 30 days of inactivity that the registration may be deleted after 30 additional days of inactivity. The account holder will have the option of returning to update the registration any time within the succeeding 30 days to keep the specific registration active.

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